Sorbet powder from dried fruit. A product that contains no: gluten, fat, GMO’ with natural colour additives. The only one where 1 kilogram of diluted product gives 7 litres of sorbet.
Strong aromas and fruit aftertastes with an absolutely fresh taste of fruit.
Tailor-made, specially designed promotional beverage menus, designed to meet your individual needs, with customised style to fit the identity of each catering facility, with customised logos and beverage options.
The ultimate touch that makes the difference, combining innovation, diversification, profitability… exclusively for you, by Barista Pro!
Summer hits flyer. A promotional menu in disc shape showing Black and White beverages. An excellent summer option with delightful and tasty melodies!
Specially designed Barista Pro pumps, developed under a special patent, for accurate 10ml dosing, with a special internal valve that prevents crystallisation and preserves the flavours and aromas of Barista syrups or ice tea.